15321 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-545-2100
Fax: 248-545-1375
Equipment List

All equipment is maintained to highest quality standards. Inspection lab, plant, and office areas are environmentally controlled. Regular calibration of our machines ensure precision and accuracy.

Inspection Lab
2-Mitutoyo Pla-Check w/6" extensions
3-Granite Surface Plates 24"x36" & 18"x48"
1-#81 PC Carbide Insert Jo Block
1-AA Gage 6" Magnetic Cylinder Square
2-Sheffield Visual Comparators
1-Mitutoyo "MU" Checker
1-Electronic Comparator
1-Roll Checking Gage
1-Johansson Swedish Internal Indicator
1-Gage Set 3/8" to 6" Mult. Vernier Height Gages
1-Cleveland Instrument Co. AG-1 Amplifier
1-Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester Mult. Vernier Calipers
1-Magnetic Field Indicator
1-Electronic Pyrometer
1-Sheffield EN-6

Pedestal Grinders
3-Tool Grinders

1-Do-All Model ML 16" Contour Saw
1-Wells #8M Cut-off Saw

1-Jones & Lamson Model FC-30
4-Lens' 10, 20, 30 & 50 Mag. 30" Dia. Radius Charts etc.

2-Cincinnati Shapers 20"
1-Do-All Contour Filer
1-Boyar Schulz Contour Grinder Mill w/ Digital Readout

O.D. Grinders
1-Brown & Sharpe #1 Universal with Electraline Attachment
1-Brown & Sharpe 14x36 Universal with Electraline Attachment

I.D. Grinder
1-Parker Majestic, 15" Dia. Swing

Miscellaneous Equipment
1-Pratt & Whitney Diaform Radius Dresser
5-Last Word Radius Dressers
2-10" Moore Radius Table Precision Models
1-Troyke 18" Rotary Table
1-Walter Dividing Head
1-Hartfield Super Spacer
1-Moore Microscopic Checking Lens for Jig Borer and Grinder
1-Superior Model MA Honing Machine
8-#81W Carbide Jo Block Sets
20-Elstrom #81W Jo Blocks
13-Granite Surface Plates 18"x24", 12"x18"
3-Surface plates 30"x60", 18"x24", 15"x20"
10-Sine Plates, 10"x5"
2-Compound Magna Sines Mult. Swedish Internal Gages 1.2" to 6"

Other Machining and Inspection Attachments too numerous to mention.

3-LeBlonde Lathes 27"x54", 19"x54", 13"x30"
2-Lathes 10"x24"

Jig Grinders
2-Moore #3 Jig Grinders
1-NASA Continuous Path CNC

Surface Grinders
1-Blohm Precision Reid #2C Surface Grinder with Permanent Magnetic Chuck
5-Parker Majestic #2 Surface Grinders with Permanent Magnetic Chucks
2-High Speed Attachments

Jig Borers
2-Moore #3 Jig Borers
1-Moore #1 Jig Borer

Drill Presses
3-Fosdick #4 BM Drill Presses
1-Fosdick #5 BM Drill Press
3-Drill Presses 1/2" Capacity
1-Drill Press 3/4" Capacity
1-Arbor Press
1-Hydraulic Arbor Press

Milling Machines
2-Bridgeport Mill CNC
1-Bridgeport Vertical