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Services We Supply

Listed below are the services that our company specializes in as well as providing additional support for. If you would like to view our Equipment list, please click here.

We Specialize in:

In Addition to:

SPC Gages
 Airfoil Gages
Gaging Stations

 Ball Arbors
 Classification Gages
Electronic Gages

 Comparator Fixtures
 Contour Gages
Checking Fixtures for CMM's

 Die Set Blocks
 Flush Pin Gages
Masters of all Types

 Go & No-Go Gages
 Grinding & Milling Fixtures
Built-Up Indicator Gages

 Location Gages
 Push Arbors
Cam bars/ Form bars

 Riser Blocks
 Special Tools
Hole Location Gages

 Step Blades
 Tungsten Carbide Work
Dedicated CMM's

 Adjustable Angle Gages

 Ball Chucks

 Concentricity Gages
 Diaphragm Fixtures

 Drill Jigs
 Gage Buttons

 Go Slot Gages
 Guillotine Gages

 Profile Gages
 Receiver Gages

 Sine Bars
 Squareness Gages

 Templates (all types)